Furnishing A Vacation Rental? Get Blinds For All Of The Windows

The prospect of generating income while meeting with people from all around the world might be exactly what draws you to become a vacation rental owner, but this does not mean that it is free of challenges. It becomes your responsibility to supply guests with everything they need for temporary living. This naturally includes a bed, couch, nightstand, dresser, kitchen supplies, and even toiletries. You will also want to use window treatments to enhance the home's look and to provide shade from the sun. Some visitors are likely to have jetlag or be living on a completely different schedule, so it is important to provide them with some way to cover up the windows to make sleeping in the daytime a breeze. Investing in blinds is a great solution because they provide you and the guests with several desirable qualities.

Dust Collection

Dust will get on everything, but it is most attracted to fabric. So, while curtains or drapes might be a nice addition for a deeply themed home, you do not need them for a standard vacation rental. Blinds are ideal as they are not going to harbor much dust, regardless of whether you choose plastic, wood, or metal. Choosing a neutral color such as white or light gray will also keep any dust from showing with clarity.


If you are looking to maximize your income with a vacation rental, you should allow people to bring their pets. It is possible to require an extra deposit or charge a little higher on the cleaning fees, but you do not want to put up curtains knowing that they could get damaged beyond repair with pets in the home. Wood blinds are highly resistant to pet damage, making them a superb choice for a vacation rental. While thin metal blinds can get damaged, they typically come with extra slats and more can be ordered with ease.

Easily Cleaned

Although the method of cleaning depends on the blinds that you have, the process is not hard. Standard cleaning of most blinds can be handled by wiping them down with a wet sponge. Then, every few months, once you have had a lot of guests come through, you can take them down for a rinsing outside. It should not take long to get your blinds looking new every time you take the time to clean them.

Furnishing your vacation rental with blinds is a smart choice for the financial and maintenance benefits.