Installing Vinyl Siding: DIY Or Leave It To The Pros?

One of the smartest exterior remodels that you can invest in is vinyl siding. It is a very cost effective product, especially if you install it on your own. However, even if you let professionals install it, the labor costs are minimal compared to other exterior siding materials, like brick and stucco. No matter what your reason is for choosing vinyl siding, you need to decide whether not you are going to install it on your own or leave it to professional contractors. This article outlines the basic installation requirements so you can decide which option is best for your home and budget.

Handling the Vinyl

First, you need to consider the logistics of transporting and installing vinyl. Most vinyl is sold in manageable packs. These packs include several planks that are anywhere from 8 to 20 feet long. Of course, shorter planks are more common at home improvement stores because the consumer usually transports them on their own. However, if you order a product and have it delivered directly to your home, it might be smart to invest in something that is longer. Vinyl is actually a very lightweight product, but you have to remember that it is a little awkward to carry because the planks are so long. You also need to consider that you need to be carrying the planks while climbing up and down a ladder and on top of scaffolding.

Handling the Labor

While on the subject of ladders and scaffolding, it is important to take into account the physical requirements of the job. Not only do you need to climb up and down the ladders while installing the vinyl, you also need to set them up and constantly move them around the house during installation. This can be very tiring work, so you want to make sure you are up to it before you begin the project. You will probably need three or four helpers to complete the installation in a timely manner. Basically, the job requires a lot of lifting, bending over, climbing and the use of some heavy power tools, so don't take it on if you can't handle it.

Tools Requirements

Lastly, you need to consider the tool requirements. If you already own most of the tools and know how to use them, this might be a very simple job for you. Most importantly, you need a miter saw and handheld circular saw to cut the vinyl. Vinyl cuts very easily with normal wood blades.

Most modern vinyl siding products are made so they could be installed with a nail gun. If you don't own an air compressor and nail gun, you can rent a simple system. 

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