Are Double Hung Windows Right For Your Home?

When making a decision about the type of windows to install in your home, you have to take in several factors. These include the climate, the space inside the room, and the décor of your home. One of the most popular types of window in modern construction is the double hung window. In order to decide if double hung windows are right for you, it can help to learn more about them.

What Are Double Hung Windows?

The double hung window has two moving panels instead of the top one being fixed. Double hung windows come in lots of different shapes and sizes so they can easily be matched to the look and colors of your home. One of the best parts of the double hung window is that they are easy to clean because both panels slide and the bottom one folds in.

Why Are They Beneficial?

With the ability to open both the top and the bottom, you have control of air flow coming into the home. This makes it easy to enjoy fresh air while inside of your home. Opening the bottom allows cool air to come in while opening the top will allow warm air to go back outside, which will create a more comfortable room.

Double hung windows come equipped with the option of weather-stripping them on all sides. This will prevent air from going in and out through the window. This, in turn, makes the windows much more energy efficient.

This type of window is also ideal for the placement of a window air conditioner unit. Putting the unit in this type of window and removing the window screens is a much easier process when compared to the other windows.

How Safe Is This Type of Window?

Double hung windows are great for people who have pets or small children. If open on a higher level of the house, the bottom can stay secured while the top allows ventilation in. This prevents the pet or small child from falling out of the window and gives the homeowner peace of mind. Cleaning the window is also less of a safety hazard because you do not have to go outside or use a ladder to clean the outside of the window.

Another safety component of the double hung windows is they usually come with two locks so they make breaking into your home a lot more difficult for would-be criminals.

As you can see, double hung windows have a lot to offer in terms of convenience, comfort, and safety.

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