Front Door Seen Better Days? 3 Signs That It Might Be Time For A New One

If it's been a while since you replaced your front door, it might be time for a change. You might think that since it still shuts, it's serving its purpose. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily true. Just because your front door closes and latches properly doesn't mean it's doing its job. Take a look at the list below. If any of the items listed seem familiar, it's time for a new door.

The Hinges Are Squeaky

If your door squeaks when you open and close it, the hinges are no longer doing their job properly. You could apply a lubricating spray, but that might only mask the problem. If your hinges are squeaking, it means that they're wearing out. Unfortunately, that also means that they're no longer securely attached to your door.

When that happens, your door is not as secure as it should be. If you've lubricated your hinges, but the squeak has returned, take a look at the way they're attached to the door. If they aren't securely attached to the door, or you can see signs of wear and tear around the hinges, you should consider having a new door installed.

There's a Draft Coming Through

Close your front door and stand in front of it – from the inside. If you can feel a breeze from the outside world, you need a new door. As your door ages, the seal around it begins to shrink and crack. Over time, the seal will no longer fit properly. When that happens, the air outside can seep through from around the door. Unfortunately, that outside air is undermining the energy-efficiency of your home. Installing a new energy-efficient door will get rid of the draft and reduce your energy costs.

The Door Has Visible Cracks

If you've been seeing an increase in the number of bugs you're finding in your home, it might be due to your old front door. Take a good look at it. If you can see cracks in the door, bugs could be using them as access points into your home. Not only that, but those cracks undermine the structural integrity of your door, making it easier for someone to break into your home. Protect your home, and keep the bugs out, by installing a new front door.

If you still have the original door on your home, it's time for a new one. Talk to your local door and window expert about upgrading to a new energy-efficient front door. Contact a company like Statewide Energy Solutions to get started.