Add Rich-Colored Stain, Varnish, And Accessories To Wooden Plantation Shutters

If you have unfinished, wooden plantation shutters covering the windows in your home's den, give them an updated appearance by adding a rich-colored coat of stain to their surface with the following steps. Afterwards, apply a clear coat of varnish to seal the stain. To further enhance the beauty of the shutters, replace knobs or hardware pieces with new ones that contrast with the color of the stain.


  • electric drill
  • screwdriver
  • vinyl tarp
  • emery cloth
  • scrub brush
  • detergent
  • water hose
  • wood stain
  • mixing stick
  • rags
  • thin paintbrush
  • clear varnish
  • paint tray
  • replacement knobs and hardware

Remove The Shutters And Hardware; Sand And Clean The Wood

Use an electric drill or screwdriver to remove screws that are holding the shutters in place. The same tools can be used to take off any knobs that are required to open and close the shutters. Purchase replacement hardware and accessories that will complement the color of the stain that you have selected.

Carry each shutter outdoors and place them all on a level part of your property that is covered with a vinyl tarp. Lightly sand both sides of each shutter with an emery cloth. Clean the wood with a scrub brush that has been dipped into soapy water. Rinse the shutter pieces off with a water hose and wait for the wood to dry.

Apply An Even Coat Of Stain To Both Sides Of The Wood

Open a can of stain and stir its contents with a wooden stick. Pour the stain into a shallow paint tray. Dip a rag into the stain and move the cloth over one side of each shutter. Carefully apply the stain near each gap in between any louvers that are on each shutter.

If you have trouble covering small details in the wood with the rag, use a thin paintbrush to coat them with stain. Wait for the the stain to dry before turning the shutter pieces over to apply a coat of stain. Once both sides of each piece of wood have been covered with stain, apply varnish to both sides with the same tools and steps.

Secure The Plantation Shutters

Line up each shutter piece in front of the corresponding windows that they were previously covering and secure hardware to the corner of each one. Install new knobs or handles when finished. Enjoy the improved appearance of the shutters while relaxing in the den or spending time outdoors gazing at your home's exterior. Click here to learn more about plantation shutters.