Are You Aware Of How Double- And Single-Hung Windows Are Different?

When it comes to making upgrades to your home, you can't go wrong with installing brand new windows. This is because they are going to be much more energy efficient than the old windows on your home and update the aesthetics by making it look stylish. You'll start seeing immediate benefits with this home improvement. Part of the upgrade process will involve selecting the best type of window for your home, with double- and single-hung windows being the two most common types. Know how these two types of windows are different to make an informed decision.


A single-hung window will have a stationary and movable sash. It's common to use this type of window if it is hung vertically or horizontally with a sliding window. This type of window will be the affordable option between the two models. By having only one of the sashes be movable, it involves less components to make the window, making them cheaper to purchase. This also leads to fewer repairs over time since less things can break.

In addition, there are more color options available when selecting a single-hung window. If you have your mind set on a certain color, it may force you to select an option with a single moving sash.


A double-hung window will be practically identical aesthetically when compared to a single-hung window. The main difference is that both of the sashes will move. It will allow you to have either the bottom or top of a vertical window slide open.

This is possible because of a lever system installed in the window that lets the sashes rest anywhere within the frame. Since these windows have an additional mechanical element to them, it will always make a double-hung window the more expensive option. Both windows will be equally as durable when it comes to resisting damage from winds and storms, but the repairs will be more expensive with the double-hung model. You'll need to pay more attention to cleaning the tracks with a double-hung window and clean out any debris that can hinder the window's operation.

Selecting a window comes down to compromising between both price and style. Even if you have the money for the more expensive model, it may not be practical to use a double-hung window if you will never open the window from the top due to its location. For more info, meet with a local window contractor.