5 Reasons To Choose Custom Shutters Over Blinds For Your Windows

Although blinds are more popular than custom shutters, this is only due to their lower cost. However, once you factor in all of the benefits that are not obvious to a new homeowner shopping for window coverings, you may want to consider buying custom shutters for your home's windows.

1. Shutters have a wide range of styles

This means that you can get the exact style you want for any room in your house. Blinds, on the other hand, have a very limited choice of styles available. For the most part, you are looking at vertical or horizontal slats, and in a limited choice of styles. Shutters have a large range of styles available and can be custom made for a particular window.

2. Installation is just as easy

Once you have the exact measurements for you shutters, they will be made so they are a custom fit. You can have them installed, but they are no more difficult than installing blinds.

3. They keep out the sunlight better

No matter how good blinds may seem to be, they will always allow light to pass through. There will be tiny gaps between the slats, and there will be even larger gaps on the sides of the blinds and sometimes nears the top or bottom. Custom shutters are made so that there are no gaps on the sides after they are installed. They are made to fit your window perfectly. And because of the general design of shutters, they will allow less light to pass between the layers of the shutters than you will experience with blinds.

4. They save more energy

Because shutters block sunlight more efficiently, they will bring more comfort during those times of the year when you do not want sunlight in a particular room. However, less sunlight can also mean less energy costs. This is especially true in the summertime when less air conditioning will be needed.

5. They add value to your home

Window shutters can play a much bigger role in the interior decoration of your home. They can bring beauty to your home, and this can add value to the house. Although it is only one feature of a house, when it comes time to sell your home, you may find that is doesn't stay on the market as long as other homes because of the attractiveness of the interior windows.

When you are comparing shutters with blinds for your windows, don't simply look at the price tag. Think of some of the reasons listed above for buying custom shutters. There are many more possibilities than there are with blinds. For more information, contact a company like Danmer Custom Window Coverings.