3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Drive-Thru Window

If you are like most fast food restaurant business owners with a drive-thru window, at least 50 percent of your sales happen right from that very fixture instead of in-store. Therefore, your drive-thru window could be deemed one of the most functional structural components of the entire building. Yet, too many people who do own a fast food restaurant neglect that very drive-thru window over the years, sometimes leaving the same window in use for decades or more.

If you have never replaced your drive-thru window, it may be time for a change that will positively impact your place of business. Here are a few signs it's time to contact a commercial window repair or installation service for an upgrade. 

1. Your drive-thru window is made of single-pane glass. 

The older drive-thru windows were made out of simplistic materials, which means an older window is probably made of single-pane glass that doesn't really offer much in the way of protection or security. This means that if someone with ill intent wants to do so, they could bust through the glass and gain entry into your business after hours without a problem. It is much better to upgrade to a window that is made of double or even triple-paned, shatterproof glass. 

2. Your drive-thru window is difficult to open or close. 

Modern drive-thru windows are designed to be absolutely functional and efficient. Employees should be able to pull open the window without much effort, and then close it with little force. If your employees complain that the drive-thru window leaves their arms fatigued or you see them struggling to open or close it, it is a good sign that it is time for an upgrade. These days, you can get drive-thru window models that open flawlessly with gentle sliding or swinging action or even with a push of a button because they are automatic. 

3. Your drive-thru window is in an awkward position. 

Pull up to an old restaurant with a drive-thru window, and you will notice that the window itself is kind of small, sits too high off of the ground, or is in somewhat of an awkward position. If your fast food restaurant has a window with those attributes, it can definitely hinder the functionality of the window. It is always best to have a new window installed or have the current window repositioned to best serve your customers when they drive through to get their food. 

For more information, contact your local commercial window repair service.