Losing Heat This Winter? Your Patio Door Could Be The Reason

If your winter energy bills seem substantially higher this year than they were in previous years, check the entrances in your home for air leaks. Entrances, such as patio doors, can deteriorate over time. If the seal or weatherstripping around your patio door is broken, it can allow warm air to leak out of the home. Learn more about your leaky patio door and how to take care of it below.

How Damaged Patio Door Seal Affect Your Home?

Patio doors add ambiance, privacy, and style to just about any home. But like other entrances in your home, your patio door can develop a number of problems as the years pass by. The thin seals around the door's frame can deteriorate, rot, and wear away over time.

Damaged weatherstripping can allow cold air to invade your house and warm air to escape it. In order to control the varied temperature changes in your home, your heater or furnace may stay on longer than it should. All of the issues previously mentioned can increase your energy bills this year. 

You can keep your home comfortable this winter by having a patio door installation contractor inspect your patio door.

What Should You Do About Your Leaky Patio Door?

A contractor will need to inspect your patio door thoroughly before they do anything to it. Bad weatherstripping may not be the only problems your patio door has to address. Some doors can bend, move off track, or even warp over time. The door's glass panes can also bow out or lose their energy-efficient features. Even if a contractor solves these issues, your patio door can still fail later on in the year. 

If your patio door is in very poor condition, allow a contractor to install a new door in its place. A contractor may also take other steps to secure your new patio door, including repairing your frame. If the frame is rotten, it may not support your new door properly. A contractor may place insulation around the frame to ensure that it stays leak-free after installation.

You want to keep your new patio door clean after the installation. Dirt, dust, and moisture can damage the door's weatherstripping over time. If you need ideas on how to keep your patio door in good shape, speak to a contractor right away.

If you need to repair or replace your leaky patio door this winter, contact a patio door installation contractor today.