Advantages Of Having Gutter Guards Installed On Your Home

One part of a home that is often ignored by homeowners is the gutters. They tend to fill up with leaves and debris, which lead to water either getting underneath the edge of the roof or flowing over the edge of the gutters. Thankfully, the solution to this problem may be to have a professional gutter installation company install gutter guards on your home. Here are three reasons to have gutter guards installed.

Avoid Cleaning Gutters

The main reason for installing gutter guards will be that you no longer have to clean out your own gutters. This means that you don't have to get out a ladder and climb to the roof of your home, which can be a dangerous task to handle on your own. If you don't do this job on your own, you'll save money over the years by not needing gutter cleaning service to do the work for you. 

Even if you have no issues with cleaning your own gutters, gutter guards prevent the need to even have to clean the gutters at all. There is no chance of neglect that can lead to other problems that happen with clogged gutters.

Prevent Potential Roof Leaks

You may be surprised at how quickly gutters can become filled with debris in the fall. If this happens before a downpour, your clogged gutters can cause water to start backing up and seeping underneath the bottom row of shingles on the roof. While you won't notice immediate damage, if this happens the very first time, it can cause lasting effects that damage your home's roof over the years. You may discover that your roof is leaking in these places where it has been exposed to water, which will lead to a costly repair.

Protect The Foundation

Water that overflows from the side of the gutters will collect against the foundation of the home. It can cause the soil around your home to erode, which ruins the grade of the land that causes water to flow away from the home. You may notice more water collecting around your foundation, which leads to water finding a way into the basement. The purpose of gutters is to prevent this type of damage from happening, and gutter guards will prevent it by eliminating those clogs caused by debris. 

Have you decided that you want gutter guards? Reach out to a local gutter installation company, such as Innovations Siding & Windows, for help with the selection and installation of gutter guards.