Commercial Window Tinting Could Reduce Solar Warming Through Your Old Windows

If you own an old office building with windows that aren't very energy efficient, your employees may complain of work areas that are too hot or too cold. This may be especially true in rooms that have windows facing the south since the sun shines on them all day. When you compare options for handling this problem, you may find commercial window tinting to be the perfect solution. Here's how window tinting can help.

Solar Heating Is Reduced

Window tinting blocks the sun so the amount of solar heating in the room is reduced. This can eliminate hot areas next to the windows so you can use the rooms more efficiently. By eliminating hot areas, it's easier to keep the temperature in the room consistent so everyone is comfortable, no matter where they're sitting.

Glare Is Eliminated

Another problem with sun streaming through windows is the glare it creates on computer screens. Window tinting reflects UV rays so glare is no longer an issue. An advantage of using commercial window tinting rather than shades or blinds is that your employees can see the outside world and enjoy natural light when the windows don't have to be covered.

Skin Is Protected

A concern your employees may have with working near sunny windows is skin exposure to UV rays that pass through the glass. Window tinting blocks a high percentage of harmful UV rays, and that protects skin and may reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

Privacy Is Increased

Commercial window tinting can be clear or dark. Dark tint increases privacy that may make your employees more comfortable, especially if they work on a ground-level floor near a parking lot or sidewalk. With dark tint, your employees can see out but outsiders can't see inside during the daytime.

Security Is Enhanced

Commercial window tinting has many benefits besides just blocking the sun. Some film protects your windows from graffiti. Others resist impacts so it's difficult for intruders to break the glass. If your office building is in an area where crime is increasing, you may want security film put on all your first-floor windows.

All commercial window tinting is made possible by applying film to the windows. You can choose the type of film that matches your needs best. Most films serve multiple purposes. For instance, security film can also block solar heating and UV rays.

You can have any or all of the windows in your building tinted, even upper-level windows since the film can be installed inside. Window tinting could make a difference to your employees by keeping them safer and more comfortable.