Things To Ask A Window Installation Contractor To Prepare For Getting New Windows

If your home needs new windows, visit a showroom so you can pick out the best kind for your home. You may need help choosing the right frames and glass so the windows are a perfect match for your finances and home.

Once you've chosen your new windows, you'll need a window installation contractor to measure them and put them in for you. The process will probably require a permit and inspection. Window installation can be a difficult job, so hiring a contractor is a wise move. Here are some things you may want to discuss with the window company or the window installation contractor.

Whether They Take Measurements

You want measurements to be precise so your windows have a snug fit and don't leak air. The window company should provide someone to come to your home and measure the windows. If you're buying custom windows, this information is essential, but even if you're buying stock windows, you want the right measurements so you buy the right windows.

If You Need To Be Home On Installation Day

The work crew needs to work inside your house part of the time, so they'll be going in and out all day. You may want to be home to watch over things and control your pets if you have them. However, if it's a major inconvenience to take off from work, talk to the window installation contractor about your situation to see what they suggest.

Whether You'll Need To Dispose Of Debris

You shouldn't need to worry about hauling off old windows or glass. The disposal fee was probably included in the cost of window installation. If you still have your itemized quote available, you can check it or just ask the installation contractor.

If The Work Will Take Multiple Days

When your window installation contractor presents you with a contract for the work, it should include the estimated start and finish date. Since some work is done outdoors, the weather might cause a delay with finishing. If you have a small house, the work might be done in a day, but if you have a large house or multiple stories, it might take longer.

The work is usually done in stages to ensure each window that's taken out is fully replaced before work stops. You shouldn't have to worry about open holes or boards over the openings since that would pose a security risk for your home.

The window installation contractor will explain the installation procedure fully before they begin work. You'll know what to expect on installation day, so you'll be prepared for what happens. 

For more info about window installation, contact a local company.