Why Vinyl Windows Can Be The Best Windows For Replacements

Whether you need to replace one window in your home, or all of them, you will want to make sure that you are taking the time to consider the option of vinyl windows. If you are not already familiar with the benefits of this type of window, you will want to make it a point to continue reading. The more you know about their benefits, the easier it will be to decide that these are indeed the best windows for your home. Read More 

Which Way To Install European Windows? Tilt In Or Out?

Tilt and turn windows have gradually made their way from Europe over to the United States. These windows are similar to casement windows in that you can open the panes so they swing out from the frame, but they also give you the option of tilting the tops of the windows open by a few inches. You can tilt them toward the exterior or interior of your house depending on the style of window. Read More 

Losing Heat This Winter? Your Patio Door Could Be The Reason

If your winter energy bills seem substantially higher this year than they were in previous years, check the entrances in your home for air leaks. Entrances, such as patio doors, can deteriorate over time. If the seal or weatherstripping around your patio door is broken, it can allow warm air to leak out of the home. Learn more about your leaky patio door and how to take care of it below. Read More 

Can You Install A Shower Door Kit?

Prefabricated shower door kits are sold at many home improvement stores. They are marketed as being easy to self-install. Of course, you do need to have a certain set of tools and a little bit of experience to handle the installation yourself. Many people want to know how difficult it is to install prefabricated kits. This article explains the process and tools you need to install a prefabricated shower door kit. Read More 

3 Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant’s Drive-Thru Window

If you are like most fast food restaurant business owners with a drive-thru window, at least 50 percent of your sales happen right from that very fixture instead of in-store. Therefore, your drive-thru window could be deemed one of the most functional structural components of the entire building. Yet, too many people who do own a fast food restaurant neglect that very drive-thru window over the years, sometimes leaving the same window in use for decades or more. Read More