Washing Your Windows The Smart Way

Framing Your New Sliding Glass Door Without Having To Use Difficult Miter Cuts

Now that you have replaced your home's old worn sliding glass door with a newer model, you need to frame the interior with wood trim. If you are not experienced with cutting miter cuts on wood trim, then you are likely worried about how the results will look. Thankfully, you can use some decorative blocks to prevent the need of making any miter cuts at all. To this end, here are the instructions you need to easily frame the interior of your home's new sliding door without having to deal with miter cuts or any other complicated construction techniques: Read More 

Furnishing A Vacation Rental? Get Blinds For All Of The Windows

The prospect of generating income while meeting with people from all around the world might be exactly what draws you to become a vacation rental owner, but this does not mean that it is free of challenges. It becomes your responsibility to supply guests with everything they need for temporary living. This naturally includes a bed, couch, nightstand, dresser, kitchen supplies, and even toiletries. You will also want to use window treatments to enhance the home's look and to provide shade from the sun. Read More 

Historical Home Renovation: 3 Projects That Will Retain Your Home’s Authenticity

When you renovate an older home, you have two options: remodel or restore. The former is usually cheaper and less stressful, but remodeling tends to undermine your home's authenticity. Restoration is a process that tries to remain true to the time period of your home, but it can be expensive and time consuming. However, it can also be very rewarding when you see your home restored to its former beauty.  Read More 

3 Window Treatment Solutions To Reduce Heat Gain, Glare And Save Your Energy

During the summer months, you may want your home to be more protected from heat gain to ensure that you do not have extra costs to cool your home. Some window treatments can be used to provide shade and reduce heat gain. They can also help to reduce problems with glare in areas like home offices or living rooms. If you want to have better windows, here are some window treatments that will help provide your home with relief from summer heat: Read More 

Tips To Make Your Glass Door Slide More Easily

A sliding glass door can be one of the most used doors in a home, especially if you enjoy entertaining on a back patio or have children that play outside. The large doors are a convenience that allow in much-needed light, but they can sometimes be a pain. Often, they are difficult to slide as they either stick or bump along the track. The following tips can help you avoid this problem or fix it if it is already occurring. Read More